DECEMBER 16, 2017
Led by Jake Kenny, Head Bartender

As the weather turns, drinking may be the only real cure for all the ails of winter from shivers to sniffles. Therefore, this class runs the gamut of warm, boozy concoctions, including hot toddies and flaming Blue Blazers. Columbia Room Head Bartender and former firefighter, Jake Kenny, will walk attendees through some of the most prevalent warm drinks and show how to make them at home. The class includes three hot cocktails and light snacks.

Some would argue that Champagne cannot be improved. Of course, they're wrong. We love Champagne cocktails! In this class, we'll dive into the world of Champagne cocktails and how different styles of Champagne can shape their taste profile. Columbia Room head bartender, Jake Kenny, will walk attendees through the different styles and grapes of Champagne and demonstrate champagne cocktail making techniques. The class includes three Champagne cocktails and light snacks.

Get Fizzy Wit It: Champagne Cocktails

DECEMBER 30, 2017

Rum has a rather messy but fascinating history. With Columbia Room Bartender, Tom Martinez, attendees will gain an appreciation for the world's most anarchic spirit and why it deserves a space next to brandy and whiskey. In this class, we'll feature an extensive tasting of different styles from around the world, demonstrating the wide spectrum that the category encompasses. The class includes a rum flight as well as a rum punch and light snacks.

Baby We Were Born to Rum

January 27th, 2017
Led by Tom Martinez, Bartender

Fancy cocktail bars are not the only place one should be able get a good drink! Learning essential bartending skills for the home is the best way to impress your guests and to guarantee that, on your nights in, you're still drinking well. In this class, Columbia Room head bartender, Suzy Critchlow, will feature lessons on home bartending techniques as well as some useful tricks to elevate your game such as easy clarification, rapid infusions, making ice, and even how to make homemade amaro. The class includes three drinks and light snacks.

Home is Where the Bar Is

February 17th, 2017
Led by Suzy Critchlow, Head Bartender

Our Founding Fathers toasted the signing of the Declaration of Independence with Madeira; the most popular American cocktail of the 19th century was made with Sherry; and the Manhattan is nothing without sweet vermouth. Fortified wines are part of the fabric of American cocktails. They're also delightful as drinks in their own right. In this class, Columbia Room head bartender, Suzy Crithclow, will take guests on a journey through the world of fortified and aromatized wines like Sherry, vermouth, and Madeira. Attendees will sample different styles, learn about their evolution and how to use them in cocktails. The class includes three drinks and light snacks.

Hold the Fort...ified Wines!

March 3rd, 2017
Led by Suzy Critchlow, Head Bartender